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Hi! I’m Emily, a behavioral health professional, trainer and avid home cook. I’ve helped lots of people create self-change, but my hardest client is always myself. For years, I cooked ahead for the week and got really good at the technique. But I leaned heavily on bread, cheese, pasta and processed food to help me do it. When I changed my recipes to healthful, whole foods, my world changed. I lost 20 lbs., unfogged my brain, and started fighting some longstanding inflammation.

Cooking ahead was my answer. But it’s not just how you cook that matters. It’s what you cook. I’ll be posting recipes and tips that feed a passion for healthy, make-ahead food that will come together in minutes when you’re ready to eat it. It’s fun, and there’s a method!

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The Make Ahead Modern Method

Make Ahead Modern Method is all about deciding which components of a meal can be made ahead (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks y’all – we’re healthy all day!), and which ones need to be cooked right before consuming. You set aside a time to prepare, do the work, then reap the benefits for the rest of the week.

This blog will get detailed about how to do this. Individual dishes are listed under Recipes and techniques are listed under Method.

The recipes will contain:

  • Lots of veggies, organic preferable if they’re on the Dirty Dozen list
  • No processed foods (okay, maybe a little ketchup)
  • No refined sugar (still, maybe a little ketchup)
  • Very little gluten
  • Very little dairy, except for low-lactose parmesan
  • No red meat

This is what’s worked wonders for me, but if you want to throw a little dairy yogurt on granola or steak on the side of a veggie dish, go for it! The Method is flexible.

Be selective with your animal products though – eggs, fish or fowl. Go local, organic and/or Monterey Bay Sustainable. The quality of the food will be your reward for doing what’s best for the critters, your health and the environment.

We won’t be counting calories here. Just focusing on clean eating and being strong, vibrant humans.

Let’s do this thing!

Just Sayin’

The author of this blog is not a medical professional. The reader should consult his or her own health provider before adopting changes in diet and/or exercise routine. The author is not responsible for any adverse reactions to the recipes or techniques contained in this blog, whether followed as written or modified.

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