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Breakfast in 5 Minutes

One of my make-ahead goals each week is breakfast in 5 minutes or less. I do the real work on Cooking Day – baking the muffins, hard-boiling the eggs, or prepping the smoothies, what have you. Then during the week, breakfast is just a quick trip to the microwave or blender.

There are people out there who get up and make perfect Paleo hash in the morning. I’m sure there are, I’ve seen their blogs.

But mornings are already pretty hectic for most folks without the added hassle of cooking a meal. When you know you’ve got a healthy breakfast waiting on you when you get up, the decision’s already made. Your day’s heading in the right direction from the start.

This meal lends itself well to make-ahead cooking because most people have a high tolerance for breakfast repetition during the week. I will eat the same breakfast every morning, no complaints. Studies show a lot of folks actually eat the same breakfast (cereal) for years!

So, I make one breakfast item on Cooking Day and eat it all week. If I’m tired of it by Friday, it’s cool. I’ll just make a new breakfast item next week.

Sometimes breakfast is as simple as some gluten-free toast and almond butter with chia seeds on top. Or these muffins or banana bread. I’ll often hard-boil eggs for a protein side.

Overnight oatmeal is a great meal-prep breakfast item (I made this recipe this week!). Don’t let the term “overnight” lead you to believe these need to be made the night before. You can prep as many individual servings of oatmeal as you need for the week on your Cooking Day. They just get creamier and oatmealier as the week goes on.

The basic ratio of old fashioned oats to liquid is 1:1. I use almond milk or boxed coconut milk, but dairy milk works too, of course. On Serving Day, you can microwave to warm them up or just eat cold or room temperature.

Smoothies can be prepped on Cooking Day too. Store your wet, fresh and dry (protein powders, wheatgrass powder, etc.) separately. Then dump them all into a blender when you’re ready for 5-minute breakfast.

Do the work and enjoy breakfast in 5 all week. Have a good morning!

Dinner/ Lunch/ Travel

Meal-Prep Chana Saag

Saag was the first Indian dish I fell in love with. Rich, velvety and subtly spiced – there’s nothing not to love. Oh, and my first saag had tons of chewy paneer cheese in it, of course. This meal-prep chana saag keeps all the feel-goods of the original but lightens it up with healthy fats, less salt, and chickpeas instead of dairy. Plus, it’s vegan and gluten-free!

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Dinner/ Lunch/ Travel

Modern Three Bean Salad – Vegan, Gluten-Free

This Three Bean Salad is the perfect Make Ahead Modern side dish. Make it on your Cooking Day, then just scoop it on a plate and serve throughout the week. It’s vibrant, healthy and flavorful. And so freakin’ pretty. I made goo-goo eyes at it all week long.

I served it as a side for my husband’s work sandwiches. But it would be equally good as a bed for roasted salmon or chicken.

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Dinner/ Lunch

Slow Cooker Black Beans Recipe

You gotta love a big ol’ pot of black beans. They’re so good for you. Plus, they can rock main or side dish status with ease. This recipe is the perfect make-ahead meal because you cook it hands-off style in the slow cooker, then just microwave it the day you want to eat.

Oh, and it’s vegan and gluten-free, but not by design. Beans are just born that way.

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